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Vision Fashion, Mission Fashion

Fashion is far beyond anyone’s physical beauty and it has, since the beginning of civilizations, left a deep impact on social, financial, cultural and traditional values of every era of human race. If we portray fashion in the right spirit, it has the capacity to change the vision and mission of entire generations. It is because fashion emerges from textile which is one of the three basic necessity, food shelter and clothing.
Fashion Park aims to put this idea on ramp. Fashion industry and dress designing has a capacity to provide fabulous career options with glamour, name, fame and satisfaction provided it is taken in well educated and cultured manner.
On the other hand, fashion has the capacity to unite like minded people together through dress codes, and forms strong and motivate group working for some cause.

Uniform of soldiers, policemen, all law enforcement agencies builds pride and respect.
Uniform of firefighters, Disaster Management Team, Forest guards induces feeling of parental care in case of eventualities.
Uniform of Labours, Health care workers, Miners and guards show the working hands of progressive nations.
Uniform of sports person builds team spirit.
Uniforms of Engineers, Doctors, Lawyers, Pilots, etc. showcases professional front of Emerging India.
Various casual ware and vibrant colours in dressing show the colourful social fabric of our country.
Elegant and rich party wears transform the every event into lifetime memories and reflect the happy face of society.

Fabric is a starting point of every event and we need the literate community of dress designers for making every moment unforgettable. May it be Branding Event, Team Event or Family Event.
Through Fashion Park we want to market every brand/concept/story/dream and create enormous opportunities for internships, education, and entrepreneurship and create a pool of confident human resource. Fashion Park wants to contribute to Make in India movement and promote - popularize every Indian Brand.
Fashion is Fun.... & Fashion is for Everyone....
The main objective of Fashion Park is to:

Blend fashion with business.

Carrier options.
Internship opportunities for upcoming talent.
General awareness about textile industries, clusters and their product range.